ON Semiconductor
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ON Semiconductor
Transistors - Bipolar (BJT) - Single
Current - Collector (Ic) (Max)
Current - Collector Cutoff (Max)
250nA (ICBO)
DC Current Gain (hFE) (Min) @ Ic, Vce
25 @ 30mA, 10V
Frequency - Transition
Mounting Type
Through Hole
Operating Temperature
-55°C ~ 150°C (TJ)
Package / Case
TO-226-3, TO-92-3 (TO-226AA) (Formed Leads)
Part Status
Power - Max
Supplier Device Package
Transistor Type
Vce Saturation (Max) @ Ib, Ic
500mV @ 2mA, 20mA
Voltage - Collector Emitter Breakdown (Max)

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Quickly came to CET, all in one package. Look at the rules

Yes, they are all here. :)

Order received all the rules. Ощень мана quickly, to Yakutia 5 day, respect, not tupit. Packed in standard. Driver in the form of niche, soldering standards, not tested. And diode, he ordered. Orders joined fellow

fast delivery

Fast shippng. Good quality. I recomend this seller.

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